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To take a screenshot on your Windows Computer, click on PrintScrn button and then open paint and click on Ctrl+V to past it and save. Similarly, for Mac users Command, Shift and 4 keys all together will take screenshot and save it to the desktop. If you are a smartphone user you can take screenshot by pressing the Volume Down and Power Switch together (It varies Brand to Brand, check of your brand’s screenshot method). But taking a screenshot of a website by users is completely different. As a website master, users may point out some issues with your site, they may feel it has been compromised, or it may have been hit by some malware or virus. They may complain if certain features of your website do not work. Your first step to resolve the problems is, understanding the issue. You can ask the user, but if user is speaking in a different language or can not understand you language, it will be unable to get to the root of the problem. If you are talking to the user in mail or chat you can use Google Translator. It can be long conversation, and if your user loses interest, you can lose your potential customer.

In this situation, the best alternative is, you can request your user to take a screenshot of your website and send it to your mail. But here you can probably face another problem, which is that your user do not know how to take a screenshots to email you.

When it comes to taking screenshots on a computer, laptop or even a smartphone, it varies from brand to brand and model to model. Explaining all the methods to your user how to take screenshot is inexorable for both you and your user. The best way to solve the issue, is visit the site and experience the issue. You may not face the problem that your visitors facing, you can try by clearing the cache memory, it may still can’t help you.

The easiest solution is, send your user this URL and ask to Copy and pest it in his / her browser to generate screenshot, now your user can easily generate and download screenshot, and he/she can send it to you.

Where Should You Use A Screenshot Generator?

Simply a screenshot generator is a snapshot maker tool. It can be a handy tool that can be used in some situations:

  • If you want to see the last screenshot that Google removed from your website during the last visit to its crawler.
  • If there is a problem with your website you may want to take a screenshot and send it to your website hosting service provider.
  • If you or one of your developers is changing some features, and you need a screenshot to know the user experience or keep a history of them.

Actually, there are uncountable advantages to use a screenshot generator tool. Computer manufacturers have been providing “PrintSrc” buttons since day one, but you need to have a little computer knowledge to know how to take a screenshot. You have to know which key will capture the screen, where to paste the captured screen and how to download the image. You can also generate screenshots with APIs there are Google Screenshot API, JavaScript Screenshot API, but you have to know coding to execute those APIs. But why should you use any of these apps? is included a online, easy and free tool to generate and download the screen of a website.

How You Can Use Our Website Screen Generator Tool?

Like all our tools, it is also an easy to use tool. First visit you can now locate the tool or search by typing the tool name in the search bar provided in the website or you can land on the Screenshot Generator tool page directly by visiting the URL:

Website Screenshot Generator, Website Snapshot maker

The text box provided named “Enter Your URL” type or pest the URL you want to take screenshot. Such as and press the “Submit” button. Immediately our tool will take a snap and show it to you. You can now press the “Save The Screenshot” button to download or save the image on your device.

Website Screenshot Generator, Website Snapshot maker