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MYA2ZSEO Tools is offering you the most effective and easy to use web page screen resolution simulator, absolutely free.

This great tool lets you check your website on a variety of screen resolutions and devices.

We developed this online software to serve you with a responsive Website Resolution Tool or Website Resolution Tester that gives perfect results when testing websites with different screen resolutions. You can test your website performance in many resolutions from 160x160 Pixels to 1600x1200 Pixels.

If you are a website developer or webmaster, you mast want to test your website performance in different resolution devices. The simple solution is you have to have the devices to examine. MYA2ZSEO introduced Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator to solve the problem. You use this effective tool absolutely free for lifetime.

Your website resolution and responsiveness is very important as it represents how good your website is optimized and makes it more attractive to the site users or visitors.

You can also test the website resolution manually, but it is time consuming and requires technical expertise, so the developers chose this seo tool for testing because it is just one click and quickly adjustable.

How To Use Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator: 

Our Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator is very easy to use, just copy and paste or type the URL of your web page on the “enter a URL” space provided on this page, then, select the type of resolution that you wish to check and click on the blue “Check” button. A new tab will be open, here you will see your website in your selected resolution.