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Online free Page speed Insights Checker tool helps you to enhance your website. It examines site pages and offers performance scores and enhancements with Google PageSpeed Insighs. You will find all the information you need from Google Data, including MY A2Z SEO test results, to improve the user experience of your page. it provides detailed page-by-page elements to help you find problem page elements and shows your page load progress using easy to read waterfall reports.

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What are PageSpeed Insights?

Google provides Pagespeed Insights tool for website developers (and anyone else), it helps you overview of the performance of their page as viewed by Google. It helps you to optimize your site with the opportunity to enhance the content.

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How does Google calculate page scores?

PageSpeed Insights pulls data from multiple sources for mobile and desktop speeds to provide page scores and page improvement recommendations.

Lighthouse examines and analyzes information about page load times and classifies them into a score: ≥90 fast, 50-89 average, ≤ 50 slow. Lighthouse bases the score on:

Real Time User Data

Google Chrome users can navigate the web as well as collect information about page functionality by Chrome. When Google calculates a site’s score, it collects the real-time users data to see how the experience on your page. 
  • First Contentful Paint: It marks the time when the first text or images are visible.
  • First Input Delay (FID): Time spent between user first page interactions and page responses.

Google compares the speed of your page with competing site pages and adjusts page scores accordingly.

Site Audits

Google Sites gives you a list of improvement tips which makes your page look beautiful and pays extra attention to those details. In the site page audits you will find Information about:

  • Opportunity or way you can speed up your page,
  • Diagnostics and how well the page is used in web development, and
  • Passed audits that include a list of audits your page has successfully completed.

See Stack Overflow for more discussions on Google PageSpeed Insights.

Why should you worry about your PageSpeed Insights score?

Google quickly elevates pages, including mobile performance scores, so you need a high score to improve your page’s SEO. Studies have shown that users value speed more than anything else, and page performance is directly linked to bounce rate, user satisfaction, conversion rate and revenue.