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MYA2ZSEO included Website Page Size Checker, it is a very useful SEO Tool, it can be used to determine the page size of a specific URL.

The loading speed of a website depends directly on the size of the webpage. If your website loads slowly, you need to work on reducing the page size of your site. A slow website can lead to high bounce rates because Internet users do not have the patience to wait for web pages to open. The ideal size of an average small web page is estimated to be 12 KB and it will load very fast.

 If you embed too many videos, images, audio, graphics, Flash and other types of media, they can increase the size of your page and take longer to load pages. To reduce a page size you first need know the actual size of a page, then you can work on optimization. Our free online page size checker or page size inspector let you test the actual size of a webpage.

How To Use Our Website Page Size Checker?

Website loading time is one of the most important factors for calculating website performance. Use of this tool is very handy, just copy and pest the URL of the page you need check the size. Then click on the “Submit” Button. This efficient tool will instantly calculate the page size and show the result.