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Class C Ip Checker

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Di Class C Ip Checker

Each device transfers data to another device using the Internet, has a unique identification number or address, called an IP address. Devices use this IP address to identify each others.

IP address is a 32-bit binary address, it is combination of host and network two sub-address. It is made up of 4 sets of numbers from 0 to 255 divided by a (.) In decimal form such as

How Can You Use Our Class C IP Checker Tool?

You can find out any specific domain IP address very easily. All you have to do is enter the domain name in the text box provided. Then click on the SUBMIT button. Our free online tool will immediately show you the result.

You can test up to 40 domains at a time, enter one domain every line.

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Click on the “SUBMIT” Button.

class c ip address, class c rang, get class c ip

As a result, the C-Class IP Checker will show you the names of the hosts you entered, and in contrast to each hostname, it will display their IP address, Class C IP, and status.

Different Types of IP ADDRESS CLASSES

Now we will know a little about the classes of IP address:

Class A IP Address: The first bit of class A IP is “0” this address is used to create large network. It has 8-bits for network and 24 bits for host. The range of class A is to

Class B IP Address: The first two bit of a class B address is always set to 10. It means, only 16,384 networks can be created with class B IP addresses. Class B range from –

Class C IP Address: The first three bits of the Class C address are set to 110. There are 2,097,152 potential network addresses and 256 potential local host addresses. The address range from –

Class D IP Address: The first four bits of class D ip address are set to 1110. It contains 32-bit network addresses, which means all values within the to Class D addresses for multicast groups.

Class E IP Address: The first four bits of class E address are set to 1. It includes addresses from to All addresses are reserved for research and trial purposes, and are not used in any standard form.

Advantages Of Class C Dynamic IP Addresses:

The biggest advantage is they are cheap and more available for websites and users. If you are not a heavy users of the internet Class C addresses are most suitable for you.

For example you are total four to six members in your home, you purchased a router to share WiFi network with your family members. Your router will provide you a dynamic IP when you are connected to the router and when you are not connected to that router your IP will be provided to another user who connect next. When you connect again to that router it will give you a another address if your previous IP is in use by other user. Internet service providers purchase a class c address range to provide you with an IP through the IP pool.