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Check any website’s index position, number of URL indexed in Google with the help of our Google Index Checker Tool.

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If you have a website or if you are a webmaster or SEO professional, you can use this tool to know the exact crawl status of your website, this tool will also show the number of pages are crawled or index of your website in google.

In a blink of an eye, you will get all the critical information your are looking for, with this Google Index checker tool. This tool is absolutely free, you can check any website, any time, one by one.

What is Google Index?

Google bots are always busy crawling millions of webpages to create an index that can show up in search results based on the information provided on that particular page. Unfortunately it do not index each and every site it visited. How many pages will be crawled and indexed, it always depends on your crawl limit set by google randomly.

This is why many website owners, webmasters, SEO professionals are concerned about indexing their websites on Google. Because no one but Google knows how it works and what it sets up to index web pages quickly. All we know is that when Google indexes a web page, it typically searches and considers three possibilities – content, authority, and traffic.

Search engine bots can visit your site whenever they want, it also indexes by itself, it has no fixed time. So, it is very important to be ready for crawlers always, you should fix all issues in website as early as possible. You can use Google URL Inspection Tool to identify issues Including AMP errors, structured data errors, and indexing issues, and you can you this tool to test how many url are indexed.

If your website or some pages on your website are not indexed yet, it may take some time to index, Google always keeps checking and indexing. You should use this Google Index checker tool regularly to check the index status. Let this tool to trak your indexing report so that you can work on improving the content of your site.

How To Use Google Index Checker Seo Tool?

This SEO tool from mya2zseo is very helpful for you, if you want to know how many webpages of your website have been indexed by google. It immediately show you the accurate result after checking the submit button.

#Step 1: First of all type the URL, that you want to check, in the text box provided.

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 #Step 2: Click on the “SUBMIT” button.

google index, indexed pages, index checker

You will get the result, our tool will fetch the information, and show it to you.

How To Index Your Web Pages In Google?

The most convenient and easy way to get your webpages indexed by search engines is to create a sitemap and upload it to your root folder. A sitemap is a .xml file containing all your indexable pages, so that google and other crawlers can crawl and index all your webpages. You can easily create a sitemap.xml file for your site, by visiting the link: . After creating the sitemap, upload it to your public_html directory, now just have to submit this sitemap.xml file link (e.g. https://www.yourdomain/sitemap.xml) to webmaster tools like Google Search console.

Social Media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. can also help you increase you traffic and website authority, regularly share you website pages, but do not spam.