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Open All URLs is a web based bulk url opener app. It allows you open multiple URL or links with a single click. It opens new tab for each URL you entered, in your browser. You can type or Copy/Paste the urls you want to open in the given box, and after clicking the "Open all" button it will open all the urls in seperate tabs.

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Open Multiple Links Simultaneously
Compatible With All Major Browsers
100% Free Web Tool

How To Use Bulk URL Opener?

It is very easy to use all apps available on "Mya2zseo". URL Opener app is also very easy to use, for opening multiple tabs in your browser simantinously. You only have to type or paste all urls or link in the given text box, Each URL must be on separate line or separated by commas. When you enterd all url in appropriate order, complete the human verification and press the red "Open All" button. That is all, this tool will automatically open all given Urls in seperate tabs.

Bulk Url Opener Extension

You can Bookmark this Website to use as Bulk Url Opener Extension or you can use Open Multiple URLs chrome extension to Open Multiple Urls At Once.

How Many URLs Can I Open At Once?

We didn't set any limitations in this awesome free tool. You can open unlimited urls at a time with this tool. Kindly keep in mind, opening too many tabs in your browser can slow down or freeze your computer. We recommend you to start with 12-15 URLs at a time, and then gradually increase the Url count.

What Browsers are Supported?

This Url Opener app supports almost all major browsers that compatible with JavaScript. The never ending list of browser including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera, and many more.


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