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Our online free email privacy checker tool is very advanced and effective SEO tool, available at MYA2ZSEO. The tool examine your web pages for email, and help you to protect your email privacy issues. You will get complete email security by using this tool, because our advanced algorithm test all of your incoming and outgoing emails in your website, and it also search for if there any bug or spam mail in your mailbox.

You can check your email security very easily, all you have to do is enter the URL in the text box provided in our website

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and then press the “SUBMIT” button.

email privacy issues, email security, Free Email Privacy Checker, Site Security Checkup Tool

If this tool does not detect any email privacy issues, you will receive a large ‘tick’ sign that will display “No Email Found!”

Note: Email IDs should not be displayed on any website as hackers or spammers may use your email address for illegal purposes.

How to ensure the privacy of your email?

Every email service providers continuously remind their users to change passwords periodically, to ensure your email privacy. They warn you if an email is considered spam.

Here are some tips for email account holders to follow to protect their email privacy:

  • You should not share your email addresses on social media or on your website as spammers could find your mail id and send you spam emails.
  • You have to set a strong passwords for you mail account. When you are registering for an email account, the particular website show you a strength meter to determine how weak or strong your password is. You can use an encrypted password for more security, though it’s hard to remember.
  • If you check your mailbox from a internet café, do not check on the “Remember Me” check box, carefully sign out before leaving the computer, and you can also delete all browser history to ensure your security. If you are not careful about all this, you may be leaving a trace of your email that could be abused by anyone.
  • If you regularly getting notification from your mail service provider, to change your password, ignore it. This could be an attempt by a hacker to change your password so that they can gain access to your account. Contact email providers, bring this matter to their attention.
  • You can set up two-step verification for your mail account, each login attempt will require an OTP, which will only be available at the number you provided.

If you are a website owner, you may have email id’s associated with you domain, such as Your hosting providers provides this service for you free of cost. Now if you want to test the security and privacy of these website-related email accounts, just visit and search for “Email Privacy” in the search box, or you can access the Email Privacy SEO Tool by typing the URL in your browser address bar, then enter your domain name in the text box. Email privacy is not guaranteed to you if you use a free email service and do not take appropriate precautions to protect your personal information.