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Reverse Domain Lookup or Reverse IP Lookup is a process for identifying DNS records linked with an IP address. In a shared hosting plan, hosting providers map multiple websites to one IP address. Reverse Domain Lookup test is used to find out the DNS records available on the web server.

Shared hosting providers assign dynamic IP address to websites, and map multiple website to a single IP. You probably don’t know who else is mapped to the same IP address.

Our Reverse IP Domain Checker is one of the best SEO tool available on the internet, to check which other websites are sharing your IP address.

This Utility tool will show you all the domains are mapped to your dynamic IP address. If your users are having trouble finding your website on the Internet, then Reverse IP Domain Checker is the primary tool for troubleshooting.

Why You Should Use The Reverse Domain Lookup Tool?

There are multiple reasons to check reverse IP. The most important reasons are:

  • You can check all domains sharing same IP. You can find all the website hosted with the same IP address.
  • Reverse IP Lookup lets you spy on domains hosted on a competitor’s IP address.

How You Can Check Reverse Domain IP Whit This Tool?

Type the URL in the address bar of your browser, you will land on our website, in the search box type “Reverse IP Domain Checker” or you can find by clicking the “Browse More Tools” button.

Reverse IP Domain Checker, Mya2zseo

After loading the page you only have to enter the URL. That’s it, our tool will first find the IP address of the URL then it will search for all the domains with the same IP address and show you the results.