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We will inform search engines, that your content has been updated. Our Online Website Ping Tool is easy to use, click on “SUBMIT” button, and let our software do its job.

Free Ping Tool

Free Ping Tool: immediately and simply Index New Blog Post or article.

Type your blog URL, enter blog post name, enter your blog updated URL and RSS feed URL and click on blue “Submit” button. That is it.

Ping Test

A ping test is a way to check if your server is communicating over a network. It is usually checks, if a computer is linked to the Internet. It also detects if the computer you are checking is connected to the Internet and if there is a delay between the communication. A ping test is performed on a server to test the latency time between the computer and the server.

You can run ping test from your computer without any additional tools. Simply open CMD type “ping [space] [your domain name or IP]” and press enter. It will show you a detailed report about how many packets sent and received, how many lost, the minimum and maximum time taken (time measures in millmillisecond).

Pong Website Tool ​​​​

Most of the internet speed test tool also test the ping results for building a connection to a server. You will get accurate results when a internet speed tester establish connections with three to four servers. The Servers that have the minimum connection time is used to test Internet speed.

Ping Website Tool

If you are a webmaster, your website should be pinged to track whether all search engines are communicating with your site. You can also ping your backlinks to check if they are live and connected.

To keep your website visible for your users, on the Internet, you can use a ping website tool. It is very difficult to ping each server of your site niche and test if your website is connecting to them. So you need a utility tool to ping search engines and web servers and included a nice and reliable 100% Free SEO Tool for your use.

 To ping your website or backlinks, visit and search for “Ping Website Tool” from the search box, or find it from the Tools menu. After loading the page Enter the Blog URL, Blog Name, Updated URL, and Feed.rss URL. Now click on SUBMIT button.

Our pign tool will ping all web servera and search engines, one by one to enhance your presence on the internet. Our efficient tools will ping thousands of web servers and take just a few minutes. It is pinging your website from different web servers, and if ping succeeds, it will show a ‘thank you for pinging’ message in the results box.

You can determine the connection and visibility of your website across the Internet by analyzing the results.