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What is My IP

Tu dirección Ip
Ciudad Ashburn
Región Virginia (VA)
País United States of America
Código de país US
ISP Amazon.com
Latitud 39.0469
Longitud -77.4903

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What is an IP address?

Internet service providers (ISPs) assign a numerical label to identify a device among billions of others, called Internet Protocol (IP) address. IP addresses Like digital residential addresses, all devices connected to the Internet use IP addresses to communicate with other devices.

Let’s find out how an IP address transmits data to its destination. When you type a website name for example example.com into the browser, your computer or phone do not understand words, all devices only know numbers. So it star finding out the IP address of that website, ( like example.com IP address is After finding the IP on the web, and finally loads it on your screen.

What is my IP

How you can manually find your IP address?

How to find public IP address

You can find your public IP address, by scrolling up to the top of this page. Our tool shows you your IP, the location you are connecting from, a details map of your location, your service provider name, and if you connection is secured or not.

How to find IP address on Windows 11

Click on Start → Settings → Network & internet → WIFI

Then select the network you are connected

Right click → Properties, a new window will pop up

Scroll down in the window, your IP will be shown next to “IPv4 address.

How to find IP address on Windows 10

Right click on the network you are connected from the “Task Bar” → Properties.

Under the Properties window you can find you IPv4 address.

How to find IP address on Mac

Open the System Preferences from the Apple Menu, double click in Network select whether you are connected in Ethernet or WIFI, on the left side of the window, your IP address will be shown.

Find the IP address on the Android phone:

Settings → About Device → Status

Here you can find your device information, including the IP address.

Find the IP address on the iPhone:

 Settings → WIFI, Select the network you’re connected → You can find your IP under “IPV4 Address.”

Difference between the IPv4 and IPv6 address


So far most Internet service providers use IPv4. It has 32 binary bits, the structure of IPv4 consists of four numbers from 0 to 255, and is separated by dots. For example,

IPv4 can only serve 4.3 billion unique IP addresses. While 4.3 billion numbers is not enough in this digital evolution, IPv4 addresses will soon be gone.


IPv6 addresses consist of 8 block numbers. Each block has four hexadecimal digits and separated by colons. For example, FEC0:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0001.

Often only 0 integrated number groups are omitted to save space. And a colon is added to indicate the gap.

Number groups containing only 0 are often omitted to save space. Instead, a colon is added to indicate the gap. For example, FEC0::1.