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You may need to check the source code of a website page, especially when you want to add some features in your site from a another website. In some website, right click is disabled, so it is difficult to view the source code easily, our efficient tool let you examine website source code of any page easily and accurately. If you want look over the source code of any website you just have to enter the particular page URL, that’s it.

What is source code?

The source code is the backend code of any website, or software. There are many tools to examine the programing of a website, you can also check it on your browser, still it is a little difficult on Android and IOS phones.

get source code of webpage, view website source

It is important to check the source code of your website to fix minor bugs. You can also examine website source code to learn how a particular website works.

We strongly requesting you, do not copy the source code from any website, it may lead to copyright related issues, for you.

view-source Tag To Examine A Webpage HTML Code

Most convenient way to view any website source code is in your address bar of browser enter the webpage URL and type “view-source:” before the URL. For example: view-source:

Get Source Code of Webpage Tool by MYA2ZSEO

This online free tool is one of the best tool available on internet, it extract the source code of any website and show you. Just enter the website’s URL in the above text box, then click on “Get source Code” button. You can also examine the blocked web pages in your country, or by your ISP. We recommend that you use this efficient tool for legitimate purposes only.

The Importance Of Source Code In SEO

The source code of your website plays a leading role in SEO. Search engine bots only can read the source code. Even if your web page looks perfect to you, it may not meet the required standards of a search engine crawler. This tool will help you to check necessary header tags, like title, meta tag, meta keywords, og tags etc.