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Placeholder Image Generator Online - Generate Dummy Image

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Dummy image or placeholder images are used to fill blank area where you want to add image in your website. You have to add photos in your website, for better usability and user experience. you can use a placeholder image if your actual image is not ready, to examine your site look and feel.


Placeholder Image, Dummy Image

How to Use Online Placeholder Image Generator?

It is very easy to generate or create placeholder images as per your requirements. You don't have to use photo editing software like Photoshop for creating seperate photos. You only have open the Dummy Image Placeholder Generator tool. Now mention your image specifications and you image will be ready to use.

The Image Options:

  • Image Size (Width x Height): Mention your placeholder image size you want to generate.
  • Text Color: select the color of your text you want to appear in your generated image.
  • Background Color: This option is to set the background colour of your image.
  • Image Format: You can select image extension between PNG, JEPG, GIF, WebP and Default. The Default option doesn't determine and image extinction.
  • Custom Text: By default is shows the Width x Height you choose in your image, you can type any text, that will be shown in youe image.

Now you can copy the URL from Image Link box, and paste into your html or css code. You can also download the image by right clicking on the generated image.

How to Use Dummy Image Manually?

You can also create or use placeholder image manually. in your img tag paste the URl :, then mention the width and hight (eg: 450x350), then put the hex color code for background (eg: 36d880) then mentioned the text colour code (eg: ffffff) then type your text and lastly type the image extension; seperated by front slash.

For Example: Image 450x350/png

Placeholder Image

We don't include watermark in our image, you can simply download and use in your project


Q. What Is Placeholder Image / Dummy Image?

A. Images are essential element in Website, it improves user experience. Place holder images are simple alternative image to the umage wich will be used in main content.

Q. How to create placeholder image?

A. Only mention your image requirements like Size, Background Color, Text (if any), Text Color, etc. This tool will automatically generate best suitable image for you.

Q. How to use placeholder in HTML?

A. There are two easy way to use placeholder/dummy image in your html project. The easy option, generate and download your desired photo, from myA2Zseo, and use it in your project. Another Option is, paste the code in your image tag <img src=" Image 450x350/png" /> 
The tag will create png image with width="500 and hight 350

Q. Why do we use placeholders?

A. While coding for website or application we use placeholder images in the space of the main image. Dummy picture help us to experience the UI with out having the original content.

Q. Is it free tool?

A. Like all seo tools in mya2zseo tools website, Dummy Image Generator Online tool is alo absolutely free. It a complete tool you can customize according to your preferences, you can change the backy color, text on image, image size and all. No demo version, No hidden features, No SignUp required. You can generate unlimited dummy images and download.