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MYA2ZSEO TOOL introduced this tool, so that you can convert your long dynamic URLs into static ones with this Free URL Rewriting Tool.

If you are a Website owner, Webmaster or SEO expert and you are running a dynamic website which dynamically generates URL for your site, you will love this tool. This tool helps you to make your URL short and rememberable to your users. Short and readable URLs rank faster in search engines compared to dynamic URLs.

Developing a website and preparing it for search engine optimization is time consuming and requires a lot of effort. Even very small attributes like URL type are necessary for a website, as it can have a great impact on your website traffic and page ranking too.

Main Features of Our URL Rewriting Tool?

This free online URL rewriting tool from MYA2ZSEO Tools is a highly efficient tool that creates static URLs with just one click. The only thing you have to do is copy and pest your desire URL into the “Enter URL” text box and hit enter. Instantly generated URL will appear in front of you, that are short and user friendly.

You should use static URLs for the reasons:

#First: Long query strings can impact on ranking on a search engine, instead use this URL rewriter tool to optimize youre website.

#Second: short, user friendly urls get more priority to search engines for better ranking. It also increase traffic, because it is more understandable to users.

#Third: As the static URLs easily manageable, it increases you page load speed, than a dynamic URL.

Why You Should Use a Static URL?

Static URLs are rememberable and readable to human.

Users can easily bookmark a static URL, than dynamic URL. Static URLs can help you get a good page ranking in various search engines.

The Process of using Our URL Rewriting Tool:

It is extremely simple process, Changing a long dynamic URL into a shorter one, which is user friendly and easy to remember, with this our free SEO tool. Just pest the URL in the text box given and then click on the “SUBMIT” button.

What To Do With The Results From URL Rewrite To?

Our SEO tool convert dynamic URL to Static URL, and show you the code that will convert your URLs. To execute, you have to make some changes in a file named ".htacess" and pest the code generated into it. Normally htaccess file remains hidden, if you did not find htaccess file in your root directory of your website:

 1st Step: Check the Show Hidden files option from the Cpanel Settings.

url rewrite tool, cpanel, htaccess

Still can’t find the file? May you don’t have one,

2nd Step: Create a file, and name it “[.]htaccess”

Once you have created the htaccess file, then upload it into your root directory or “public_html” directory. This process only works if you are hosted using a Apache Server.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Static Websites


  • Easy to develop, You can also create a Static website with a little knowledge.
  • Pocket-friendly developing cost.
  • Static website doesn’t require high end hosting servers, so you can save more money


  • It generally develop to showcase basic information.
  • To add a content you need to create a complete page.
  • To modify or changes on a page you need to know basic codes.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Dynamic Websites?


  • Dynamic websites are more effective.
  • Very easy to manage, if you don’t know anything about coding you can run a dynamic website.
  • This allows website users to communicate without problems.
  • It allows the exchange of information between the website owner and the end users.


  • Expensive to host
  • Expensive to develop