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“Domain Age” is how many days since it registered and live on internet. How old a domain, is serving data to their users.

To better understand, a website started with a domain name in 2008 and still live, now in 2022 the domain age is 14 years.

If you don’t know what’s a domain name? The URL of a website called domain name, in our case This means by which addresses that Internet users can access your website is the domain name.

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The Domain Age Tester is a utility tool we have developed to track the age of any domain name on the Internet.

It is the most effective domain age calculation tool on the Internet, as it is filled with essential domain name checking features, such as created on which date, valid till which date, and other information.

Typically, other domain age testers available on internet shows you the age of the domain in most years.

But the Domain Age Calculator is much more advanced by the a2zseo tool.

Our tool shows you, not only the age of a domain, but also the exact time, day, month, and year the domain name was registered.

Our domain age checker is advanced enough to show you more details about a domain name, including:

  • The date on which the domain was last updated.
  • Domain expiration date.
  • Registrar of the domain name.


Checking you domain age Using this utility is very easy and joyful activity. You can analyze one URL at a time.


Step #1: Navigate to the Domain Age Checker tool frim the menu, or simply type on your browser. You will reach on this webpage.

Step #2: In the text box provide labeled "ENTER URL", type or paste the domain name you want to test with http:// or https://.

Step #3: Now you just have to click on “Get Domain Age” to run the request.

In the blink of an eye, our well-built engine provides you the result, which usually look like this:

Domain Age Checker, check the domain age

Now you have a complete idea about your provided domain.


There are several reasons to check the age of a domain name, which are listed below.

  • The age of an already existing domain you want to purchase.
  • The age of your competitors’ domains.
  • Or just the age of your own domain name.

The main purpose to check the age of a domain is to know when the domain was registered and how old it is now.