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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

This Code to Text Ratio Checker by MYA2ZSEO Tools helps you to optimize your website for Search Engines and Crawlers.

Code to text ratio refers to the percentage of visual text on a particular web page. This Text to HTML Code Ratio Checker for SEO Tool calculates the percentage of the content based on text and HTML code. Search engines and crawlers use this method to determine the relevance of a web page. The Text to HTML ratio checker compares the total text content size with the total HTML size of the page.

Why Should You Use This Code to Text Ratio Checker Tool?

Our tool calculates the amount of total text content, including HTML code, and shows you the percentage. The HTML code is the programing behind your site, and text is the main information provided by you on a particular topic. The more text content to the Html code implies the richness of your content.

If you have higher more text than the html ratio, it helps you to grow your site more quickly. It attracts users, it also help you to get better ranking on a search engine results page (SERP). Most search engines check the code to text ratio, which gives you a benefit when your website has higher text to your HTML ratio than your competitors and across all search engines.

The more HTML code you have on your webpage, the more time it will take to load. Therefore, users lose interest because most web page users do not want to wait long to get information from a website.

So we introduced this Code to Text Ratio Checker tool to help you optimize your pages. It is able to extract anchor text as well as text from a paragraph from the HTML code of a page, then calculate the percentage of content.

How Can You Use This Code To Text Ratio Checker?

We are always engaged in developing and adding more features to our tool so that you can get the best output every time. This webpage text ratio checker tool is very advanced, it can help you to optimize your website.

Our developers have programmed this tool to serve a quick and reliable code of text ratio tester for website owners, webmaster and SEO professionals.

To get adequate result, just enter the URL you want to check in the text box provided, and click on the “SUBMIT” button.

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Our tool will immediately show you the result, after processing your query.

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It will provide you the below mentioned details about your web page: Text / HTML ratio:

  • Code to Text Ratio in Percentage
  • Total Text Count Size
  • Total HTML Size

Most Effective Role of Text to HTML Code Ratio in SEO

Search engines calculate the relevance of a web page whit the help of Code to Text Ratio. A higher text with HTML ratio increases the possibility of better page ranking in search engines result pages.
Currently, almost all the search engines are using text to code ratio in their algorithm to determine the page ranking, so you should check your page quality with our efficient SEO Tool.
We are advising you from our knowledge in SEO, use this text to HTML code ratio tool regularly, because it is considered one of the most important factor for optimizing a website. However, in addition to the text ratio from HTML, you need to make sure that the content of your site is relevant to what is being shown in the title of the page because search engines rank a web page based on the given text.

How You Can Improve The Text To Code Ratio Of Your Web Page:

Content is the King, the primary goal of any website is to serve information t o users worldwide. A user friendly and easy to use website always attracts users. You have to have all information, for your targeted audience. If your audience not getting what they are searching, they will move to another Website.

Apply the necessary changes to improve the performance of the website – use various SEO tools available on our website, such as text to code ratio enhance your site presentation. A well organized and optimized website attracts the attention of the users, it can increase the revenue of your site.

Fast page load time – Most users do not have time to waste unnecessarily, if your website loads instantly, leaves a good impression for your site to the users.

Pages that are indexed in search engines – Most of the traffic will come to your site from the search pages, so you have to be careful about the indexing process. Search engines give more priority to websites that are fully optimized with the methods mentioned above.