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About Blacklist Lookup

IP Blacklist Lookup is a tool to check whether your URL or IP is listed on the DNSBL or SURBL system. DNSBL and SURBL are spam monitoring systems used to block spam emails before they reach users.

What Is Blacklist Lookup Tool?

A Blacklist Check tool examine if your website is listed as a spammer. If your website is blocked or other websites hosted with your IP address report you as a spammer, users will not be able to access your website. Here you need Blacklist Lookup Tool to check if you are blocked. With the help of a blacklist tester, you can quickly and easily detect if your website has been blacklisted and work to whitelist it before your business reputation is severely damaged.

How To Use Our Blacklist Checker Tool?

With our efficient blacklist lookup SEO tool it is very easy to check if your domain has been identified as spam. Complete the following steps to test your Domain:

  • #1 Enter Your Domain:

Enter the URL you want to test for Blacklist in the given textbox.

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  • #2 Press The Submit Button:

After entering the URL press the blue “SUBMIT” button to proceed.

  • #3 Result

Instantly it will start finding all database if your domain blacklisted.

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Why A Domain Get Blacklisted?

A blacklist is a database that contains spam-spreading or risky websites, it warns and prevents users from going directly to those sites, and blacklist servers also block sending emails from those sites. If your website is listed in DNSBL, it will ban your website, and it will also damage your reputation and the trust of users. MYA2ZSEO’s online SEO tool checks if any URL or IP address is listed in the DNSBL database, absolutely free.

Now a days, most spam and phishing email spreaders use IP addresses or servers, which are not commonly used. This cunning tactic makes it difficult to identify spammers and cyber criminals. There are some third-party services that block IP addresses if there is a lot of traffic from a particular server within a limited time.

If someone report your IP address / domain as spammer, or if someone else mistakenly type your IP or domain, your domain may be blacklisted. There are many reasons to get blacklisted:

  • Someone mistakenly typed your IP address.
  • They thought you were a fake version of another legitimate site.
  • A competitor has somehow accessed your DNS record
  • One or more users of your website have been infected with malware and thus have damaged the reputation / history of your IP with the web host.
  • Someone has reported that your site (or IP) is hosting malicious content.
  • If you copy someone else’s copyrighted material and post it on your own site without permission.
  • If you publish offensive content on your website or if someone complains against the IP addresses associated with pages containing such content (even if there is no link to your website).

When Should You Use The Domain Blacklist Lookup Tool?

A domain blacklist check needs to be run in the following situations:

  • If you are registering a new domain, or when you are buying a domain from an auction or from an unknown source, you should check your index and key metrics, such as “Is it blacklisted?”
  • If you notice that your website’s SEO performance is declining – if all your hard work doesn’t improve your website’s rankings, then your website is likely to be blacklisted.

If Your Website Is Blacklisted, How Do You Fix It?

If your IP or domain blacklisted, there are some things you can do to get rid of it. First, you should contact your hosting provider / ISP and find out why they have blacklisted your domain. Sometimes there is only one site (maybe yours) that has been misused in any way by a hacker; If that website is deactivate, all you have to do is ask them politely if they can remove your server from their blacklist. People are usually happier to help you get off the blacklist if you:

  • Describe what happened.
  • Give a particular date when your sites were not accessible.
  • Explain the reason for any of their mitigation (changes you have made, steps you have taken to prevent the site from compromising again, etc.)

The best way to get rid of a blacklist is to send a request to remove your IP from the anti-spam database. Make sure you’ve corrected all errors before requesting. Google has video guidelines for hacked and blacklisted you can learn and implement on your website: