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Our completely free online Suspicious Domain Checker tool is very efficient website virus scanner and malware program detector. It is developed for website owners, webmasters and users who want to check out their favorite websites if there are any viruses or malware programs that could harm them. You should scan daily to ensure your website security, it will also help you to improve your SEO performance and Optimize your site. Suspicious activity on your website can degrade your organic traffic, it also affects your rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). Therefore, your site needs to be checked regularly for any malware activity, such as viruses running your website, data theft or phishing activity.

What is a Malicious Domain?

A malicious website is usually a site contains unethical programs that tries to install malware on your system, usually something that will interfere with your computer’s activities, hack your data, or gain complete access to your device. This type of website implants malicious software into your system without your consent while you are surfing the website. You cannot tell the difference between a malicious site and a malicious website because it looks the same. Sometimes they may ask you to install infected software that makes your PC look real. There are many websites or domains on the Internet that are spreading spam or malware and you should keep safe distance from them. These malware or spam domain websites may endanger your website’s search engine rankings as well as your business and your personal life.

Why You Should Use The Malware Checking Tool On your Website?

If a search engine identifies your website as suspicious, it directly effect on your progress. You as a user, will never visit a suspicious marked website, where has a risk of damaging system. When a user receives a warning that a site may contain malicious programs, they always stop using certain websites and search for a clean site with the same data. It also affects your bounce rate. You have to move fast to solve the problems, to maintain the trust of your user.

About Our AVG Antivirus Checker:

Your search for a free website antivirus scanner ends here at ‘s Free Suspicious Domain Checker – AVG Antivirus Domain Checker tool. This online free tool is a complete solution, protecting you from all kinds of threats like malware, spyware and viruses. It is very effective to find out if a website URL contains inappropriate or malicious code that could give hackers access to your website. If you are a webmaster or blogger, our tools are the perfect choice to find out if there are any infections on your website to protect your visitors and increase your ranking.

Why You Should Use AVG Antivirus Tester?

AVG Antivirus Tester Tool is an all-inclusive package that you can use to search any website for unlimited time. With our tools, you can also test the reputation of your competing sites, so that you can claim that your site is safe from others.

AVG Antivirus is recognized as a top-notch solution for continuous free malware removal and protection.

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How You Can Use The Website Antivirus Checker Tool?

  • Visit our site and search for “Suspicious Domain Checker” in the tools section or you can visit directly with the URL:

avg safe site scanner, suspicious domain checker, website virus scanner

  • Type the URL of the website which you trying to check in the text box provided.
  • After entering the URL, click on the ‘SUBMIT button.
  • In the results page, a whole status will displayed on the screen which shows if your site is Safe or not.

avg safe site scanner, suspicious domain checker, website virus scanner

Advantages Of Suspicious Domain Checker Tools:

Below are some of the major benefits of suspicious domain checkers by the myA2Zsei Tools:

It provides reliable information about IP address or hostname.

The tool immediately identifies and blocks websites with viruses and malicious programs.

It also shows the current status of the website.