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You can track all Do-Follow, No-Follow, internal and external links on your website, on a particular page with the help of our “Link Analyzer Tool”.

Link Analyzer Tool

You should analyze links on your website, it can help you to reduce spam score. Link Analyzer Tool by is made to show you the authentic result.

If you are preparing your website for the latest penguin update of Google search algorithm, or you are conducting a casual audit, our free link checker SEO tool can meet all your requirements. This utility tool effortlessly analyzes and reviews your website links.

Analyze website linksYou can check one link or URL or webpage at a time with our link tester tool. If you try to audit deeply, you can check all the links one by one, including the home page.

How To Use This Link Analyzer Tool?

You can use this Link Analyzer tool, by simply entering the URL of the page that you wish to review. This best link checker tool will automatically check all internal and external links. It will also show you whether the link is Do-Follow or No-Follow.

This link analytics tool generates results immediately after you release the submit button. If there is a hyperlinked image on the page, the Alt attribute of that image will be shown as anchor text.

How does this link analyzer tool works?

We’ve introduced this Free SEO tool at to improve the analysis of a website’s links by webmasters, website owners or SEO professionals. It is as simple as, pest the URL in the given blank box, and click on the “Submit” button. Your request will be executed in the background by AI and it will show you the results within a minute.

This Output Result of Website Link Checker:

  • How many links of our tool have been found on the web page provided by you.
  • It will show you the total number of Internal links on that web page, it will also show you the links one by one.
  • This will show the exact number of external links and show them separately.
  • It will also refer to those links, if they are do-follow links or no-follow links.

 This webpage link checker tool is especially useful for analyzing internal or external links attached to your webpage or blog. It also gives you an idea of the anchor text associated with those links.

To identify broken links, this website link checker tool can help you, you should remove those links to increase the impression of your page and website. Every SEO-Professional or website owner should consider this useful tool, as it helps to improve On Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It also gives you an opportunity to earn better authority scores for your page and website.

Why you should use This Link Analyzer Tool?

Our Website Link Analyzer is a highly efficient SEO tool, it can be very helpful tool for you, as a website owners and webmasters. It provides detailed reports on the internal and external links of a particular website. You can easily analyze side by side your website links and your competitor’s websites inbound/outbound links, with the help of the result it generates.

Your ranking in the search engine SERP depends on your website’s impression or authority rank and search engines like Google use a secret advanced algorithm to measure the importance of your page. We recommend that you check and remove broken and dead and other spam links, as this can definitely help improve your rankings on search engine results pages. Our free online link tester tool can be very useful to recognize if they have some dead links.