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Keyword Density Checker

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Analyze the keyword density of your webpage with our best Keyword Density Checker. Enter the URL you want to check the density of your page, our SEO tool will check the density. Our tool find out total number of keywords from the content of your web page.

Keyword Density Checker


How often a key appears on your web page compared to the total number of words on the page can affect the ranking of the page in search results, and this is called “Keyword Density.”

If you push the targeted keywords in your article unnecessarily, search engines will consider it as keyword stuffing. If you use very few keywords in your article, it also affects your ranking.

 In one word, your keyword density should be just appropriate for the best search performance. Too much use and too little use of a word can damage your rankings.

Now the question is how do you calculate, how many times keywords are appearing on your web page or blog post? You cannot calculate it manually.

You need to use a reliable tool to do this for you. So we developed this Keyword Density Checker tool, and included on our website


Keyword Density Checker is a great SEO tool designed to test a particular keyword and how many times it has been written in a blog or article.

MYA2SEO developers have developed this tool to help marketers and small business owners improve website performance by reducing keyword stuffing in their content.

This tool is the solution. It analyze the entire web page using the URL provided by you.

The easiest way to calculate keyword density is to usually divide the number of keywords specified in a text by the total number of words in the text and then multiply the result by a hundred to get your percentage.

Our Keyword Density tester tool does a lots of calculation and analyzation for your article. It shows you all the top keywords used on the webpage or text that is being analyzed, and gives you the metrics for better SEO performance and useful content optimization.


You can use this 100% free seo tool in two easy steps.

Step #1: Find out Keywords density Checker from our tools menu or type in your browser, you will land on this page. Now type or copy and pest the URL you want to analyze.

Step #2: Click on “SUBMIT” button to execute your test.

In a minute or two, our tool will show you all the keywords, and how many times it has been used, and the exact percentage of those particular keywords.

You can also find keywords in your competitor’s website, it is good to have an idea about your competitors’ work and positions.