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Our Domain to IP Converter Tool is as simple as typing a URL into the “Enter a URL” box and pressing the “SUBMIT” button. This tool will find the IP address for you and it show the IP address, Country Name, and ISP.

If you are searching for a tool which is made to convert your assigned domain into IP, this tool can meet all your requirements.

You can manually check a domain’s IP address from a command prompt. But the process is a bit complicated and time consuming, and not everyone can follow the deep process. To solve the issue, we created this Domain to IP converter tool. The artificially intelligent tool do all complicated works backend, and provides you the result in a second. Our dream is to provide a simple and friendly platform for you to lookup Ip from domain.

How To Use This Domain IP Lookup Tool?

Like each of our tools, this tool is also very easy to use.

You just need to enter the URL that you want to look for IP address, and press the “Submit” button.

The results will be in the form of a table, where you can see the IP address, Country Name of the Server, and the ISP name of the domain.

Free Domain to IP Converter Tool

Uses of a Domain To IP Lookup Tool?

You can get an idea from the tool name “Domain to IP Lookup”, it is a IP address finder for a website. You can look for the IP address of any URL with the help of this tool. You don’t have to use a command prompt and spend a lot of time coding, instead you can use this quick and easy tool.

This free online tool is programed to show you the IP of and web address instantly. It also shows you the ISP details and the country in which the server is located.

What Is A Website IP?

Any two device on internet conicate or transferred data with the help of IP address. IP helps devices to find a particular device. Just like that, each and evey website has a IP address, which are stored in server. Name Servers stores the wesite and its IP data. When a user browses a website, the background name server assigns the IP of that website to your device so that your device can show you the data of that website. Technically, if you and the website doesn’t have IP address, you can not access the website.

An IP address can mad with four set of numbers separated by dot (.). Each of this set can be contain three numbers the range is 0 to 255. For example This simple combination of numbers is the key, that allows users to access dada and information on internet. This set of numbers is responsible for identifying the correct website.