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Brokenlinks damage your website's ranking and usability. Are you looking for a fre reliable solution to get rid of it? Undoubtedly, 404 Error Page is a big problem for website owners. Our online free Broken Link Finder crawls your website to check for dead links. It identifies dead links for you in one minute.

How Broken Links Damage Your Business?

Search engine crawlers stop crawling your website when they find broken links, which also prevents your page from being indexed by search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex.

Users visit your website to get information, but when they get error 404 page, they create negative impression about your site.

Find Out Easily And Solve The Problem:

This free link checker tool immediately verifies your site and shows you which web references are dead on your pages. It makes easy for Website owners and webmasters to find out bad or broken URLs to fix them quickly.

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Our advanced algorithm show you broken links in red and good URLs in green color so that you can find bad link very easily, as well as you can also track your good URLs.

How Do Broken Links Affect on Your Website?

404 and similar errors on websites are most troubling issue. Your online business as well as your fame can be harmed with this types of annoying issues.

For dead hyperlink to a website -

  • Existing client base can be damaged : Your regular visitors may sometimes be frustrated with the "Page not found" message, they may start visiting another website, never return to your website.
  • Attracting new customers can be a problem: Due to dead web links, people will not only find the information or pages they are looking for, but they may also lose interest in your site.
  • Can ruin your online reputation: Most viewers find such errors to be a sign of laziness and disrespect
  • Negatively affects your website ranking with major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.